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Dungeon Keeper, 1997 Bullfrog & Electronic Arts

Happy V-Day gift – free Dungeon Keeper!

GOG.com has a great Valentine’s Day (Single Awareness Day) deal, and perfect antidote to the horror that is “Dungeon Keeper Mobile” – free copies of the original Dungeon Keeper with the Deeper Dungeons expansion...

Bill Budge, circa 1983.

Gamechanger – Bill Budge

December 31st, 1995, the last of Bill Watterson‘s Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strips ran, ending a 10-year run of brilliance and influence over a new-generation of cartoonists.  Watterson left the industry he didn’t really...

M.U.L.E. mini-LP box - Ozark Softscape and Electronic Arts, 1983.

Gamechanger – M.U.L.E.

In 1983, Electronic Arts shipped a critically important game, and an extremely worthy Geekometry Gamechangers launch title.  Although, at the time, no one knew how important it would become. Developed by Ozark Softscape and designed...