Bolse Lightning Cable – Indestructable?


One of my wife’s many talents is the destruction of Apple Lightning cables.   They begin to come apart at the end that goes into the iPhone/iPad, exposing the bare wires inside of the shielding and soon thereafter the cable starts causing “device not compatible” messages.   At that point it’s time for the circular file.   So after buying some Amazon Basics Lightning cables (slightly more heavy duty and longer than the stock cable) I thought we were in the clear.  No!  She killed those also.

So I did a few quick searches and I found these snazzy Bolse nylon fiber braided cables1 and decided to experiment with getting a pair. I mean, if she’s getting a nice cable I need one also. Just to be fair. I am happy to report that after 6 weeks her cable is still like new. I am not sure if any of you out there have issues with breaking the cheaper lightning cables but if you are, spending a few extra bucks on one of these cables might be a good investment. These Bolse cables are 6 feet long, come in cool color schemes and the build quality is excellent. For around $13-20 each, they are not the cheapest of cables, but it’s built to last.

The nylon braiding makes the cable tangle free plus you can bend it certain ways and it will hold that shape.   I like that a lot because I can coil it up and it will stay coiled.  It’s like magic.  So is it indestructible? . . . Maybe not so much but it’s one heck of a nice cable, and quite tough.  A big thumbs up from this gadget guy!


Yes – I like the old school 12w Apple chargers. 🙂


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  1. Craig says:

    Jeez and I thought my wife’s talent was unique.! Are they still holding up?

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