Custom Keycap Sets From WASD Keyboards

The Quick Fire Rapid 87-key mechanical keyboard

The Quick Fire Rapid 87-key mechanical keyboard

I recently switched over to a mechanical keyboard as my primary, specifically the Coolermaster CMStorm Quick Fire Rapid (CMSQFR), and, yes, I still hate the name.  But I love the keyboard.  It’s wonderful to type on, it’s comfortable, and the Cherry MX Brown switches have just the right travel and, of course, clickiness.  All in all, it’s a total pleasure to work with, but, boy is it ugly.  Of course, looks are completely subjective, just like preferring Cherry MX Brown switches over the Blue’s, and I’m not the hard-core-PC-gamer target audience that CoolerMaster is going for.  Luckily, I found WASD Keyboards.

WASD allows you to order from a very wide range of custom keys, at reasonable prices.  From singles, to complete sets.  You can even use Adobe Illustrator and other vector-design software, and, together with a free template from WASD, design your own layout.  Just upload the design to WASD and they’ll make it work.  As far as I can tell, there’s no extra cost for going with a completely custom design.  As a Mac user, I originally purchased a couple of single keys, to replace the Windows key with the Mac OS Command key.  I should have known better, they stuck out like sore-thumbs.  So, I went all-in and ordered the entire Mac keyboard layout.  WASD also has keyboard layouts for Linux, Amiga, and more.

WASD Keyboards "Mac" keycap set.

The Quick Fire Rapid with WASD Keyboards “Mac” keycap set.

The keycap set arrived quickly and it looks terrific.  More importantly, the keycaps feel just as good.  The key-puller WASD includes is built and works much better than the puller that CoolerMaster included with the Quick Fire Rapid.  I had the whole key set switched out and was off typing in no time.  If you are looking for some custom keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, I highly recommend checking out WASD Keyboards.

Mike Knotts

Mike Knotts was born in 1968 in a small town in southern Indiana. Even when very young, Mike showed a love for all-things technical and sci-fi. Moving with his family to California in the early 80's, he eventually graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in History. Rather than put that to good use, Mike continued to pursue his passion for technology by working for early, regional ISP's in the mid 1990's. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, where he works as a project manager for an Internet startup. Mike is a co-founder of Geekometry.

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