Monthly Archive: November 2013

Balance of Power - 1985, Chris Crawford & Mindscape

Gamechanger – Balance Of Power

Late 1983 through 1984 were a pivotal time for the computer and video game industry.  The Great Video Game Crash seemed to have no end in sight. Atari, careening towards bankruptcy, was drastically slashing...

The Ouya game console

6 Months With Ouya

Released in late June 2013, the Ouya video game console was going copy the Apple App Store business model, tweak it slightly (try Apps for free for a limited time), be ‘Indie-Developer Friendly’, and...

Bill Budge, circa 1983.

Gamechanger – Bill Budge

December 31st, 1995, the last of Bill Watterson‘s Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strips ran, ending a 10-year run of brilliance and influence over a new-generation of cartoonists.  Watterson left the industry he didn’t really...

The Lego cuusoo "Back To The Future" DeLorean

Lego Cuusoo “Back To The Future” DeLorean

Lego began their Cuusoo program in 2008.  Roughly translated from Japanese, Cuusoo means “wish”, and that’s kind of what Lego hopes to grant to some of their most ingenious fans.  If you are unfamiliar,...

A few of many, many examples of armor

Musee de l’Armee – The Army Museum of Paris

Created in 1905 and, currently, containing over 500,000 items spread over 12,000 square meters (just under 130,000 sq. feet), the Musee de l’Armee in Paris is gargantuan.  Its collections are separated over historical periods,...

The Uncommons Game Cafe, NYC

The Uncommons Game Cafe in NYC

Gamers of New York City, do you need a new spot for your games, or looking to meet new fellow-gamers?  There’s a new game cafe in Manhattan called The Uncommons, check them out.