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Need For Speed: Rivals, by Ghost Games and EA

Need For Speed: Rivals – PS4 Review

As I write this, Need For Speed: Rivals is the only driving/racing game available for the PlayStation 4.  And, it’s a good game.  It looks great in 1080P and the frame-rate is blazing, no...

inFamous Second Son, by Sucker Punch Productions & Sony

inFamous: Second Son – PS4 Review

inFamous: Second Son is actually the third game in the inFamous series.  It’s also the first without primary character, Cole McGrath, or set in a fictionalized version of a real city.  In Second Son,...

The PlayStation 4, from Sony

60 Days with PlayStation 4

A couple of months ago, I had a birthday and turned 46. Some men my age will celebrate this milestone by treating themselves to a new sports car, boat, or plastic surgery. I was...