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The Amiga Visual Compendium Kickstarter package.

Amiga Visual Compendium – Update

I have received my Amiga Visual Compendium book package from Bitmap Books/Kickstarter, and, WOW! The book is beautiful, filled with edge-to-edge screen-captures of some of the most famous and believed Amiga software created. The...

The box for AMT's "Ford Intercepter Police Car" model kit.

AMT’s “Ford Intercepter Police Car” Model Kit

When I was younger, I had three pretty distinct phases of modeling. Early on, my builds are almost exclusively sci-fi, or star/space ships. Between 10 and my early teens, I’d switched to cars. I...

The box for Testor's Ryan PT-20 Trainer model.

Testors’ “Ryan Aeronautical PT-20” Model Kit

When I first saw photos of Harrison Ford’s crashed airplane in Los Angeles, I thought, “That plane looks familiar”. It turns out that Ford’s World War II-era Ryan ST3KR Trainer is a revision of...