Ethics Statement

Updated – November 27, 2017

At Geekometry, we believe that the Internet is a community, and – like voluntary participation in any community – to build trust, it requires responsibility and transparency.  For legalese and details on our policies, please feel free to read our Privacy and our Fair Use policies.  That aside, we’d like to state the following in language that is as clear as possible.

1.0 – Privacy: 

In regards to your privacy, we will never sell or make your information available to any mailing list, marketer, researcher or other 3rd party.  The only circumstances in-which we would provide information about you is when presented with legal documents requiring us to do so.  There may be advertisements on pages at, and, like any site with ads, those advertisers and advertising networks serving the ads will have insight into certain data, such as your IP Address, etc.  For your choices regarding such data collection by advertising networks, please see Section 2.0 of this page.

2.0 – Advertising:
Any advertisements, or marketing links, on will be either clearly obvious or disclosed.  Marketing links used in our own posts, pages and original content, will be disclosed, and will never influence the outcome of the writing.  For example, an article about a video card upgrade, with an affiliate link to a merchant selling the same video card, the affiliate relationship will have no bearing on why the video card was selected by the author.

Specifically regarding ‘behavioral targeting’ and online advertising, encourages our readers to take further control by visiting the various national/regional sites that allow consumers to opt-out of tracking for interest-based online advertising (behavioral targeting).

Simply go to –

Canada –

European Union –

3.0 – Hacked Response:
Should the site ever be hacked, and your information – even potentially – has been compromised, we will immediately disclose the event, and as much information about it as we possibly can.

4.0 – Reviews:
Reviews by Geekometry are about products or services that the author has purchased for their own use.  We do not do reviews for any type of payment, reward or compensation, and we don’t accept submissions or requests by companies or service providers for reviews either.

5.0 – Conflicts of Interest:
Geekometry authors may have investments, either directly or indirectly, through retirement programs, mutual funds, stocks, etc, in companies responsible for products or services we may review.  Direct investments will be disclosed, and no investments will influence the content of any article.