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Workbench 3.x running on Cloanto's Amiga Forever 7.

Cloanto’s Amiga Forever 7 (2017 Edition) – Still The Best

2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of Cloanto’s Amiga Forever series. Over that time, Cloanto has continued to, release after release, create the finest Amiga emulation package for Windows. Amiga Forever 7 certainly continues that tradition....

Hardcover copy of "Art Of Atari", by Tim Lapetino.

“Art Of Atari” Review

“Art Of Atari“1 by Tim Lapetino is wonderful, and should be considered the definitive visual-history of, not just the artwork used on game cartridge boxes, but of Atari and its video game products (home and...

Hardcover copy of "The Future Was Here: Commodore Amiga", by Jimmy Maher.

“The Future Was Here: Commodore Amiga” Review

Published in 2012 under the Platform Studies series by MIT Press, Jimmy Maher’s “The Future Was Here – Commodore Amiga“1 is, without a doubt, the single most comprehensive study of the Amiga yet published.  The book...

The box for the new iPhone 7.

Quick Thoughts On The iPhone 7

I have been using my new iPhone 7 for around 24 hours now, and here are my quick initial reactions/thoughts. Pros: It’s heavier. Coming from an iPhone 6, the 7 is about 1/3 of...