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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2014!

A very Happy New Year, and best wishes for health and success, to one and all!

Superman vs. Hulk, by Mike Habjan

Superman Vs. The Hulk Fan Video

Wow, what an outstanding fan-made video, and an aid to working out one of those age-old geeky questions; who would win in a fight, Superman or The Hulk? This is part three of an...

JZR 'beatle tail' trike

JZR ‘Beatle Tail’ kit trike

JZR ‘beatle tail’ trike seen on the streets of Paris. These JZR’s are cool DIY kits, and can be powered by a variety of engines, even Harley’s. JZR trikes have a nice community built...

Amiga emulator for Chrome

Online Amiga Emulator for Chrome

Google engineer Christian Stefansen has released an online Amiga emulator! Although it only works with the desktop Chrome browser, not mobile. But, here’s hoping for mobile support, as it does raise some interesting possibilities for...

The Uncommons Game Cafe, NYC

The Uncommons Game Cafe in NYC

Gamers of New York City, do you need a new spot for your games, or looking to meet new fellow-gamers?  There’s a new game cafe in Manhattan called The Uncommons, check them out.

“Clerks” Quick Stop market – Leonardo, NJ

“Clerks” Quick Stop market – Leonardo, NJ

I was down in Red Bank, NJ over the weekend and took the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Quick Stop market from Kevin Smith‘s Clerks.  It’s one of my old-school favorites, the...