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A celebration and Hall-of-Fame for anyone and anything that established new standards of excellence.

Promotional 'Mean 18 golf ball' photo from inside the mini-LP box for Mean 18.

Gamechanger – Mean 18 Ultimate Golf

At the height of the early 1980’s U.S. video game market, almost every company wanted to get in on the action. Parker Brothers, famous for their board games, were alarmed since sales of their stalwart franchises plummeted...

Balance of Power - 1985, Chris Crawford & Mindscape

Gamechanger – Balance Of Power

Late 1983 through 1984 were a pivotal time for the computer and video game industry.  The Great Video Game Crash seemed to have no end in sight. Atari, careening towards bankruptcy, was drastically slashing...

Bill Budge, circa 1983.

Gamechanger – Bill Budge

December 31st, 1995, the last of Bill Watterson‘s Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strips ran, ending a 10-year run of brilliance and influence over a new-generation of cartoonists.  Watterson left the industry he didn’t really...

"Spy vs. Spy", by First Star Software.

Gamechanger – Spy vs. Spy

Antonio Prohias was the most celebrated cartoonist in Cuba, winner of multiple awards, and especially known for his biting political cartoons.  In 1959, Fidel Castro honored Prohias personally, but, but by 1960, Castro had,...

Ballblazer, 1985 - LucasArts Entertainment

Gamechanger – Ballblazer

In 1984, George Lucas expanded his empire, and the Lucasfilm Games brand launched by releasing two games.  Rescue on Fractalus! was a first-person flight-rescue simulation, similar to Choplifter.  It certainly was a fun game,...

Star League Baseball splashscreen, AtariMania

Gamechanger – Star League Baseball

In 1983, a small software company in Santa Barbara, California, Gamestar, Inc., released a groundbreaking new baseball game – Star League Baseball.  The game itself was still simple.  Two teams, still no leagues or...