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A geek’s guide to travel and seeing our planet

Action on the big-screen at Mecum Anaheim 2014.

The Mecum Experience – Anaheim 2014

If I am flipping-through-the-channels and I happen across a car auction, I just set the remote down. I’m just a car geek, especially for classic cars. Several years ago, I passed this affliction on...


House of the Sun – the Mars-scape of Haleakala

Early in the morning we started the journey.  It’s only 27 miles to the top, but the road, completed in 1935, is narrow and full of switchbacks. And bicyclists. And buses. And cars and...

A few of many, many examples of armor

Musee de l’Armee – The Army Museum of Paris

Created in 1905 and, currently, containing over 500,000 items spread over 12,000 square meters (just under 130,000 sq. feet), the Musee de l’Armee in Paris is gargantuan.  Its collections are separated over historical periods,...

The road to Meteor Crater

Fire from the Sky – Meteor Crater

About 15 miles west of Winslow, Arizona, you turn off at the aptly named Meteor Crater Road exit.  Nothing is here, save a large and friendly service station, too big for something this close...