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Atari 1200XL badging

In Defense of the Atari 1200XL

It is an “Edsel“, an “Avanti“, or something in-between? The Atari 1200XL has always had a sullied reputation with the Atari community as a crippled machine that was too expensive and which nearly killed...

Apple, Inc. Logo

Apple’s Sept 9th Event Predictions

Ah, punditry!  As the designated Apple-person for the site, I suppose it’s my lot-in-life to throw out my predictions/hopes/wishes for Apple’s upcoming fall event.  For the entire year, top Apple executives have touted new...

The Internet, without Network Neutrality

In defense of Net Neutrality

Wired has an excellent article on the, almost certain, end of Network Neutrality, everyone should read it. Net Neutrality needs to remain law, permanently.  In the United States, telecommunications companies, other than for wireless,...