Author: Mike Knotts

A few of many, many examples of armor

Musee de l’Armee – The Army Museum of Paris

Created in 1905 and, currently, containing over 500,000 items spread over 12,000 square meters (just under 130,000 sq. feet), the Musee de l’Armee in Paris is gargantuan.  Its collections are separated over historical periods,...

The Uncommons Game Cafe, NYC

The Uncommons Game Cafe in NYC

Gamers of New York City, do you need a new spot for your games, or looking to meet new fellow-gamers?  There’s a new game cafe in Manhattan called The Uncommons, check them out.

The road to Meteor Crater

Fire from the Sky – Meteor Crater

About 15 miles west of Winslow, Arizona, you turn off at the aptly named Meteor Crater Road exit.  Nothing is here, save a large and friendly service station, too big for something this close...

"Spy vs. Spy", by First Star Software.

Gamechanger – Spy vs. Spy

Antonio Prohias was the most celebrated cartoonist in Cuba, winner of multiple awards, and especially known for his biting political cartoons.  In 1959, Fidel Castro honored Prohias personally, but, but by 1960, Castro had,...

“Clerks” Quick Stop market – Leonardo, NJ

“Clerks” Quick Stop market – Leonardo, NJ

I was down in Red Bank, NJ over the weekend and took the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Quick Stop market from Kevin Smith‘s Clerks.  It’s one of my old-school favorites, the...

Ballblazer, 1985 - LucasArts Entertainment

Gamechanger – Ballblazer

In 1984, George Lucas expanded his empire, and the Lucasfilm Games brand launched by releasing two games.  Rescue on Fractalus! was a first-person flight-rescue simulation, similar to Choplifter.  It certainly was a fun game,...

"NATO Commander", MicroProse Software, 1983.

This Old Game – NATO Commander

Before he became a universally-accaimmed game designer, Sid Meier was just a recent computer science graduate from the University of Michigan.  All-be-it, one who could beat the crap out of an actual retired Air Force pilot, Bill...