Cloanto’s Amiga Forever 2016 – The Best Gets A Little Better

Cloanto's Amiga Forever 2016 Player UI and emulator windows.

Cloanto’s Amiga Forever 2016 Player UI and emulator windows.

Update: July 2nd, 2017 – I’ve reviewed the latest Amiga Forever, version 7 (2017).

You know I love me some Amiga. So, it should be no surprise that, since 1999’s version 3, I’ve been a customer and fan of Cloanto’s Amiga Forever1. It’s the simplest, fastest and cheapest way to legally emulate the Amiga on Windows systems. In fact, since switching from Windows to Mac in 2007, I’ve always bought of a copy of Parallels. Just so I can boot up Windows XP and play Amiga Forever.

Amiga Forever 2016 Plus Player, "System Select" menu.

Amiga Forever 2016 Plus Edition “System Select” menu.

The 2016 version of Amiga Forever adds PowerPC support, a high DPI UI for 4k+ displays, and more. One of the interesting new features is the ability to unify your C64 and Amiga collections within the new Player UI. I’ve been playing with the new versions of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever for a few days now. Both have been as rock-solid as previous versions, and I’ve had a blast getting into some Balance of Power, SpeedBall, Defender Of The Crown, etc.

If you are an Amiga fan who wants to relive their Workbench 1.3 youth, $10 gets you the Value Edition. If you are an Amiga enthusiast who needs every blessed version of Workbench from 0.7 through 3.1, $30 for the Plus Edition is your ticket. As an old Amiga 1000 owner, I lean towards the Plus edition, so I can play those old EA games that refuse to work on Workbench 1.2 or higher. Cloanto not only puts out a quality product, but they maintain a very generous Upgrade Program. If you have purchased any version of Amiga Forever, from version 1 through AF 2014, you can buy the Amiga Forever 2016 Plus Edition for $20 – a $10 savings.

Amiga Forever 2016


  • The best legal Amiga emulation system.
  • Simple to set up and use.


  • No Mac version.

Verdict = Recommended!

If you are looking for Amiga icons, sounds, mouse pointers, and wallpapers for your Windows, Mac, tablet or smartphone, also check our Amiga Memories for Modern Systems page.

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1.Cloanto did provide me with copies of the 2016 editions of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever to test. However, neither Geekometry nor I, are members of their affiliate program.

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