AtariDOS 2.5 Main-Menu Screen Wallpaper

AtariDOS 2.5 Main-Menu Screen.

AtariDOS 2.5 Main-Menu Screen.

1983 started out very poorly for Atari’s home computer division. The 1200XL, quickly thrown together to battle the Commodore 64 and launched in January of that year, was ludicrously overpriced and stumbled out the gate. And, while the Atari 1030 modem and 1050 disk drives were solid pieces of hardware, the 1050 1 shipped with an ill-conceived new operating system, AtariDOS 3. Other than breaking compatibility with previous versions of the OS, AtariDOS 3 also used ten times the number of bytes per sector (1024 rather than 128). This meant that data storage was horribly inefficient, and that what used to fit on a floppy under AtariDOS 2, now required an additional floppy. Atari quickly killed off AtariDOS 3, replacing it with the ‘new’ AtariDOS 2.5, which maintained backwards compatibility, while efficiently taking advantage of the 1050 disk drives new ‘Enhanced Density’ capabilities.

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