The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Fantasy Football Is Here!

"Fantasy Football" T-Shirt from

“Fantasy Football” T-Shirt from

Fantasy Football 2014/15 is upon us, and the fantasy experts are out with the same ancient advice again.  Last November, I dropped some mid-season advice regarding a different strategy, the Top 6 Rule and the importance of getting top 6 players at QB, TE, and DST.  For this year’s draft, I’ll be following this advice again, which is:

  • In leagues up to 12-14 teams, there are, generally, enough great-to-good Running Backs and Wide Receivers to, effectively, cancel each other out.  Fantasy Football is about exploiting match-ups, and that’s hard to do at RB/WR, as they are usually equally distributed across the 12-14 teams.
  • There are not enough top-tier Quarterbacks, Tight-Ends or Defense/Special Teams to go around a 12-14 team league.  If you can get a Top 6-7 player at each of those positions, and a squad of RB/WR that can check your opponent, then you are in an excellent position to win every single week.
  • Hand-cuff your top 6-7 QB and TE with a top 12-14 player at that position.

For in-depth charts, tables and numbers, you can visit the original post.  Oh, and always hand-cuff your #1 RB too, or it will come back to bite you.

As for fantasy experts, nothing exemplifies their rigid, stuck-inside-the-box, thinking more than Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson.  Dave Richards at suggests targeting Wilson in rounds 10, 11 or 12, as a #2 QB with “potential upside”.  He even goes so far to trot out the old, “awful in road games” trope.  And, it’s not just Richards.  Jamey Eisenberg, also at CBS, targets Wilson in round 12, saying, “I would take Wilson as a high-end backup and spot starter on those weeks when he’s poised for success“.

Here’s what you need to know about Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson, Home & Away stats from 2013.

Russell Wilson, Home & Away stats from 2013.

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks, 3-year scoring average -

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks, 3-year scoring average –

If Wilson’s totals here appear a little low, consider this is a 3-year average, and he’s only been in the NFL for 2 seasons.  Manning isn’t on this list because he missed 2 of the last 3 seasons.  I’m looking at Russell Wilson as a #1 Quarterback, and – from a fantasy perspective – one of the top 6 in the league; home, away, inside, outdoor, or whatever.

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