Monthly Archive: August 2014

WASD Keyboards "Mac" keycap set.

Custom Keycap Sets From WASD Keyboards

I recently switched over to a mechanical keyboard as my primary, specifically the Coolermaster CMStorm Quick Fire Rapid (CMSQFR), and, yes, I still hate the name.  But I love the keyboard.  It’s wonderful to type...

Atari 1200XL badging

In Defense of the Atari 1200XL

It is an “Edsel“, an “Avanti“, or something in-between? The Atari 1200XL has always had a sullied reputation with the Atari community as a crippled machine that was too expensive and which nearly killed...

Apple, Inc. Logo

Apple’s Sept 9th Event Predictions

Ah, punditry!  As the designated Apple-person for the site, I suppose it’s my lot-in-life to throw out my predictions/hopes/wishes for Apple’s upcoming fall event.  For the entire year, top Apple executives have touted new...