MPC’s Space: 1999 “Eagle Transporter” Model Kit Re-Released

MPC's Space 1999 Eagle Transporter plastic model kit

MPC’s Space 1999 Eagle Transporter plastic model kit

UPDATE – 05/07/15 I’ve done a second build of this Eagle kit, aiming for much more realism this time, and I am very happy with the results.

Good news, everyone!  MPC has re-released their model kit of the Eagle Transporter from Space: 1999!  While I realize (now) that the show is 100% cheese, I’ve always loved the Eagle and Hawk ships.  As a kid, I’m sure I probably built, and subsequently destroyed, 10 of these kits…  you know the story.

Up-close with MPC's re-release Eagle model

Up-close with MPC’s re-release Eagle model

The kit is very easy, with only a few parts.  The center module is an annoying 3-piece puzzle that does not go together that well.  And, with my kit, it is too long to fit with the rest of the model – I had to shave it to get it to fit at all.  The included bracket, that is supposed to make the center module detach, was worthless – either too tight or too loose.  I ended up simply gluing the center module to the top frame.  Otherwise, it is molded quite well, with little natural seeming.  I didn’t have to shave the any part of the command module to get the “Moonbase Alpha” decal to sit.

The decals MPC includes with this kit allow for a high level of detail.

The decals MPC includes with this kit allow for a high level of detail.

Overall, I really like this kit, and the level of detail is much better than I remember as a kid.  It is simple, clean, and the finished model has a good heft and quality feel to it.  It is molded well, has very few parts, and – outside of painting – can be completed in a day.  MPC has these kits available for a limited time only, I believe that last run was about 10 years ago.  If you are a fan of Space: 1999, or the Eagle, grab one before they are gone!

MPC’s Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter Model Kit1


  • Simple and quick kit to build.
  • Good level of detail throughout, and generally good quality molding.


  • Lots of little set-in areas makes painting and setting decals frustrating.
  • Bracket holding center module to the frame is worthless.

Verdict = Recommended.

"Eagle 1, ready to go!"

“Eagle 1, ready to go!”

Sadly, my kit did not include the signed copy of the Alan Carter mini-poster.

Sadly, my kit did not include the signed copy of the Alan Carter mini-poster.

Captain Alan Carter

Captain Alan Carter

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