“Remastered Wings” by Cinemaware Kickstarter

Wings Remastered throw-back box

Wings Remastered throw-back box

Cinemaware was at the crest of their own wave in 1990.  Creators of some of the most innovated computer games of the time, the company was in deep trouble and only a year away from bankruptcy.  The industry move away from the Amiga and towards MS-DOS and 16-bit video game consoles hurt Cinemaware badly, but Wings was an appropriate swan-song.  Modeled after early World War 1 silent films, Wings featured 3D aerial combat and Cinemaware’s signature high-quality graphics, movie-style plot and cut-scenes.

Taking to Kickstarter, Cinemaware is looking for backers for a remastered version of Wings for iOS and Android.  Love Amiga retro gaming and have a few extra coins in your pocket, check ’em out.

Mike Knotts

Mike Knotts was born in 1968 in a small town in southern Indiana. Even when very young, Mike showed a love for all-things technical and sci-fi. Moving with his family to California in the early 80's, he eventually graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in History. Rather than put that to good use, Mike continued to pursue his passion for technology by working for early, regional ISP's in the mid 1990's. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, where he works as a project manager for an Internet startup. Mike is a co-founder of Geekometry.

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